Patricia“Cheryl is an amazing, highly skilled professional. She does things that I used to do, such as powerpoints and handouts, so well that I will never do them myself again. She’s very skilled at organizing people, which made our virtual summit a breeze. She’s also very business savvy and horse savvy, as well as very skilled in working with many different types of personalities. If you need a Virtual Administrative Assistant, look no further. Cheryl brings professionalism and skill to the table, making you look AWESOME!”

— Patricia Reszetylo – Equine


“I have had the pleasure of working with Cheryl over the past year. Cheryl has assisted me in many different areas with the development of my new business. She is always professional, courteous and above all very knowledgeable with current marketing techniques, computer technology & business growth. I highly recommend Cheryl to anyone in need of an Administrative Consultant and will continue to call upon her as our business grows.”

— Judy Castillo Marshall — Owner, IN A PINCH Business Services


Danielle“Cheryl Harless is one of the most able-minded, capable administrative professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I chose Cheryl to assist me recently on some projects related to the organization I run and she didn’t disappoint. Her work was excellent. She was diligent in her follow-through, resourceful and I was very impressed with her ability to ramp up on the collaboration tools I use without any instruction from me. Cheryl is a creative thinker and problem-solver, and easily grasps complex concepts. I didn’t have to pull teeth to get her to think; it just comes naturally with her! She is a wonderful collaborative partner who brings a generous spirit and great sense of humor to the table as well.”

— Danielle Keister – Founder, Administrative Consultant Association


Charles“I’m writing to give Cheryl Harless the highest endorsement… I found that Cheryl was very capable, versatile, and self motivated. She had a wealth of skills that she was able to apply to our needs… Cheryl was able to rise to the occasion regardless of the task at hand and make a significant contribution. Whether it was writing letters on behalf of the organization, laying out a newsletter, editing articles, or updating our database that had been compromised by too many inexperienced hands, she took on the challenge and proved invaluable in her service to our organization. …I could give her an assignment and depend upon her to carry it…”

–Charles D. Anacker – Angelcare


Sandy“Cheryl has always been an asset in our collaboration. She worked diligently from home to make my business a success. We would not have done nearly as well without her diligence, attention to detail and general assistance… Cheryl was my right arm and also my good friend.”

–Sandra K. Baumeister – SKB Web Design