How I work:

Because I can only work with a few people at a time, I ask potential clients to fill out a brief Client Application to work with me, and then schedule a complimentary, One-on-One Fit and Strategy Session. This will help us to determine if we are well suited to work together, (this is really very important) and, I’ll give you strategies that you can implement in your business whether or not we end up working together.

Once we start working together we will conduct a work study. Don’t worry, it’s painless! It will help me to learn your business quickly and ascertain how I can be of the greatest service to you. The first 3 months are usually the adjustment period, where I get to know the specifics of your business and you learn to let go of the tasks that are eating away at your time. From there on it should be smooth sailing!

The links on the right will take you to for scheduling (It’s so much easier to have just ONE calendar!)